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Wheel Alignments In Amarillo, TX

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The importance of having your wheel alignment checked.

The alignment of your vehicle is very important. Your vehicle’s wheel alignment being off, or misaligned, can throw you and your loved ones safety down the drain. Your ability to drive safely can be compromised if the tires are not aligned, as vehicles rely on their wheels alignments to drive straight and keep you safe on the road. You may notice the alignment is off when your car pulls to one side or the other, even when the steering seems to be straight. Another way to notice your alignment may be misaligned would be if your steering wheel is vibrating, which can be due to balancing issues, which is a symptom of your wheel alignment being off. In some cars it can be very subtle and most drivers do not even notice. Here at Arenas Automotive in Amarillo we have you covered on any wheel alignment issues, let the experts decide on what to do! Bring your car into our shop today!

Regularly get your wheel alignment checked at Arenas Auto Repair.

When your alignment is off it can cause multiple issues, but perhaps most concerningly, you could have a blow out. A blow out can be caused by the uneven wear of tires, or cracks which form as a result of tires not being aligned. At Arenas Auto Repair, our expert team of mechanics knows when your vehicle’s alignment is off, and also knows how to get you back on the road as fast as possible! Another possible result of misaligned tires is feathering. Feathering is when one side of the tire has smooth tread, while the other side of the tire is jagged or very rough. When tires wear unevenly, the components of your axle suspension system also wear unevenly, costing you more in the long run to get your vehicle repaired.  Here at Arenas Auto Repair your wheel alignment will be done right by our expert mechanics. We do right by all our customers, we know that bad repairs can leave you in a bad position - we’ve been there- so we do our best, every time you visit us, to help you avoid having to make more trips to the mechanic in the future. Our alignment experts will diagnose if your alignment is off or not. We will correct your alignment as quick and efficiently as possible.

Wheel Alignments at Arenas Auto Repair.

When you trust Arenas Auto Repair with your car, you can take advantage of our special packages! Our main package includes checking the condition of your tires, including air pressure and tread, your vehicles suspension system, inspecting the steering wheel and column, and adjusting your vehicles alignment, if applicable. At Arenas Auto Repair we ensure your vehicle will be repaired properly, the first time. Arenas Auto Repair has been in business in Amarillo for almost 20 years, and strives to make sure our customers receive the best vehicle treatment, every time. When it comes to alignments if you do not understand how or why we do what we do, we will gladly explain the process to you, and all of our alignment experts are certified, ensuring that you are in good hands.