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Tire Rotation and Balance In Amarillo, TX

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tire rotation
Your car needs Regular Tire Rotations and Balancing.

Regular tire rotation and balancing increases the life-span of your tires. In regular driving, your front tires wear faster on the shoulders as they are responsible for handling most of the cornering forces when you are turning. Our tire rotation and balancing services in Amarillo ensure all the tires take turns at the front, and get a break on the back end. This way, all your tires wear out more evenly and serve you for long.  In most vehicles, we recommend that you rotate your tires from front to back. However, we also follow manufacturers guidelines, where it is provided. Some manufacturers advise that you include the spare tire by following a cross rotational system. In some high-performance automobiles, the front and back tires may be of a different size or may include uni-directional tires that can only be on the right or left side of the car. We understand that different cars come with different specifications, which is why we offer customized tire rotation services for every car we service.

Understanding wheel balancing.

Wheel balancing resolves wobbling issues that occur when there are heavy spots on your tires, which often begins with a very small weight difference. Sometimes the imbalance occurs when there are variations between the wheel manufacturer and the tire; or when the valve system and the tire pressure monitoring sensors differ. Slight differences and imbalances become annoying, especially when you are driving at speed. Your wheels begin bouncing as you go down the road, which leads to wear and tear on your tires

How often should you balance your wheels?

If your front wheels are out of balance, you can feel the vibration on your steering wheel; and when the problem is with the rear tires, you feel the vibrations on your seat. During tire balancing, we place all your tires on a balancing machine, which spins them and identifies the stiff or heavy spots causing the vibrations.  If you start experiencing these vibrations or any bad vibes while on the road, it is time to bring in your car for tire rotation and tire balancing services at Arenas Auto Repair and Services in Amarillo. You should come in for tire-balancing services as soon as you get a new tire or if you remove one of your tires for a flat repair. Tire rotation and tire balancing services improve your safety on the road, and increase your car’s lifespan.