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Auto Repair

In order to keep your vehicle working properly and running efficiently, it is crucial to have your automobile serviced on a regular basis. Most would prefer to fins a repair shop that will care of your and your vehicle before you have an emergency arise with your vehicle.

(Arenas Auto Repair)Automotive Repair

Our Automotive Repair services in Amarillo focus on giving you quality services at a competitive price. We take pride in treating our customers equally and working closely with them to understand their driving habits and get to the root cause of the problem, so they can get back on the road with the confidence that we have resolved the issue fully.

(Arenas Automotive Repair)Automotive Diagnostics

Every time you bring your car to our shop in Amarillo for servicing, our mechanic will sit with you to explain the procedure and work they will undertake, then use specialized car diagnostic tool to identify any problems affecting the running of your car. The mechanic depends on a special automotive diagnostic software, which can access your car's reporting systems and the computer that monitors problems and recoreds any faults.

(Arenas Automotive Diagnostics)Alignments

Has your car started showing unusually rapid tire wear, or is it pulling from left to right even when the steering is straight? Such signs signify that there is a misalignment problem. If you ignore such problems for too long, you'll end up paying more in replacement parts, so it's best that you come to our automotive repair shop sooner, rather than later. We are specialists in alignments in Amarillo, and our many years in business puts as in a position where we can diagnose and correct common alignment problems effectively and swiftly.

(Arenas Alignments)Brake Repair

The brake system is undoubtedly the most crucial safety system that your car has. When in good condition, it enables you to stop the care instantly or slow down at a moments notice, hence help you avoid incidents or accidents. To ensure that your brakes are in good condition, they need to be regularly inspected and repaired, which is where we come in. We are a trusted auto shop that deals with brake repair in Amarillo, whose commitment is to ensure that our customers stay safe on the road.

(Arenas Brake Repair)Cooling System Flush

Protecting your automobile from overheating requires regular maintenance on your cooling system. Taking proper care of your cooling systems improves the longevity of your car, reducing the likelihood of roadside emergencies. The most common roadside emergencies occur from overheated engines, which begin with a problem with your coolant. The coolant runs through the engine and radiator, keeping the car cool, especially in the summer; the anti freeze keeps the engine cool by absorbing and transferring heat.

(Arenas Cooling System Flush)Drivability Diagnosis

Drivability is a term that is bandied about in the automotive service and repair business, but what does it really mean? The term drivability is really a two-word term rooted in the words "drive" and "able". Reverse these words for a clearer understanding-able to drive. Think of it as drive-able. A vehicle can have good, poor, or even non-existent drivability. The formal concept of drivability is broken down into several categories.

(Arenas Drivability Diagnosis)Engine Repair

Taking care of your engine increases the life of your car. If you take your car for maintenance and attend to engine repairs promptly, your truck or car will serve you longer.

(Arenas Engine Repair)Exhaust System Repair

Repairing a faulty exhaust system goes beyond finding a muffler repair shop, it also entails working with a mechanic whom you can trust. Arenas Automotive Repair Shop has distinguished itself by offering expert muffler and exhaust repair services in Amarillo, at a fair price. We are always on hand to ensure that your echaust system is properly repaired and meets Texas emission standards.

(Arenas Exhaust System Repair)Mechanic in Amarillo

Car trouble is never expected and you don't ever plan on needing someone to fix your car. Car trouble often happens at the most inopportune time. Finding a mechanic in Amarillo who is honest and reputable is sometimes difficult, but at Arenas Auto Repair, honesty is our first prority!

(Arenas Mechanic in Amarillo)Mechanic Shop Near Me

We are a local Amarillo auto repair service company offering high-quality auto repair services for private individuals and companies alike. Do you have a faulty car that needs urgent repairs? Or your vehicle broke down at the middle of road? We have helped hundreds of clients restore their damaged vehicles to good conditions. We can be of help too. Get in touch with us!

(Arenas Mechanic Shop Near Me)Oil Changes

Regular oil changes keep your engine clean and lubricated, helping your automobile run more efficiently. our automotive oil change services in Amarillo focus on a number of things to ensure your car runs better, avoiding you from having to deal with car breakdowns. The oil change process might also require checking other car parts for optimal engine performance.

(Arenas Oil Changes)Suspension Repair

The suspension system is one thing that many car owners take for granted, and some even think that it doesn't need repair as much as other maintenance issues such as break repair or oil changes. Contrary, suspension repair is of great essence as having a bad suspension can significantly affect your ability to control your vehicle. We are an auto repair shop that performs suspension repair in Amarillo, to ensure that you and other car owners keep up with this important part of auto maintenance.

(Arenas Suspension Repair)Transmission Repair

As far as the power train of your car is concerned, the transmission is arguably the most complicated component. Whether manual or automatic, the major function of the transmission is to shift gears. Replacing a transmission is one of the most expensive auto repair shop jobs, so it's best to ensure that it's regularly maintained and repaired. While at it, be sure to choose an auto repair shop that is trustworthy in transmission repair in Amarillo.

(Arenas Transmission Repair)Tire Rotation and Balance

Regular tire rotation and balancing increases the life-span of your tires. In regular driving, your front tires wear faster on the shoulders as they are responsible for handling most of the cornering forces when you are turning. Our tire rotation and balancing services in Amarillo ensure all the tires take turns at the front, and get a break on the back end. This way, all your tires wear out more evenly and serve you for long.

(Tire Rotation and Balance)AC and Heating Repair

Having a DIY approach to your auto AC issues may make the problem worse, you can fail to notice a leak, or overcharge the system from not knowing the factory specs. We have more than a few reasons why you should let the professionals handle your car's AC repairs. Whether it's just a maintenance call or a full replacement, Arenas Auto Repair will examine every component of the system and any potential faults.

(Arenas AC and Heating Repair)Wheel Alignments

Your vehicle's wheel alignment is very important and you may not even realize it! An incorrect wheel alignment can cause your vehicle to drift and slide, along with causing uneven wear and tear on your tires!

(Arenas Wheel Alignments)