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Oil Changes in Amarillo TX.

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Come in for an oil change.

Regular oil changes keep your engine clean and lubricated, helping your automobile run more efficiently. Arenas Auto Repair focuses on a number of points to ensure that your car runs better, helping you avoid car breakdowns. The oil change process may require checking other components to ensure optimal engine performance.  When you come for an oil change in Amarillo, we will check your oil levels and match the recommended grade for your vehicles engine. Our expert car technicians can use synthetic oil, a synthetic oil blend, or a high mileage oil, depending on your vehicle and preference. Once you call or visit our shop in Amarillo, our mechanics will explain the different options, and work with you to find the right solution for your engines needs.

How often do you actually need an oil change?

Every car manufacturer recommends an oil change every 3,000 miles, however, some newer models can last up to 5,000 miles between oil changes safely. The best option for you is to stick by the vehicle manufacturers specifications, unless you expose your car to extreme conditions, such as the dusty Panhandle roads, extreme temperatures or stop-and-go driving, in which case you will need to change your oil and check your engine more frequently.

When you get an oil change.

During an oil change, our mechanics will change your oil, oil filter, and will also provide a complimentary inspection of your other vehicle fluids. Changing your oil ensures your vehicles will work better, and longer, by keeping your vehicles engine cleaner, and by catching contaminants that could affect the efficiency of your vehicle.  Every time you come for an oil change in Amarillo, we will also check the fluid levels in your vehicle and other components, such as belts, air filters, tires and wiper blades. Depending on the condition of your vehicle, we may recommend that you replace these components. Make an appointment to have your oil changed at Arenas Auto Repair. Our mechanics will explain the different choices and needs of your vehicle and change your oil as you wait. In case we identify any other issues that require check up, we will advise you and work with you to ensure your car gets the best service and runs as efficiently as possible.