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Alignments In Amarillo, TX

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Sysmptoms of an incorrect Alignment.

Have you noticed your car pulling one way or the other while you are steering in what appears to be a straight direction? The construction around Amarillo has started to take a toll on not only our daily commute times, but also on our vehicles. Your car pulling can be a possible sign that your vehicle is not correctly aligned. Another sign that your vehicle is misaligned would be either steering wheel vibrations while driving or your tires wearing unevenly. If you let these signs go without having them checked out and resolved, you could end up needing complete tire replacements!

Why is having your vehicle regularly aligned important?

An incorrect alignment can cause multiple issues, including, but not limited to, blowouts due to uneven wear on your tires, feathering of tires, or damage to the edges or center of the tire. Feathering of tires occurs when the vehicle is out of factory specific alignment. When your tire wears unevenly, which could be caused by worn out components of your steering and suspension systems. To prolong the life of your tires and get the most of your money, have your vehicle regularly aligned at Arenas Auto Repair.  Visit Arenas Auto Repair to ensure that your alignment is correct, to help prevent costly repairs in the future! Our alignment specialists will be glad to help you not only diagnose, but also to correct your alignment problems effectively and efficiently. Arenas Auto Repair has been in the alignment business for many years, and pride ourself on being fair to all of our customers. If you are not knowledgeable about the process of an alignment, our certified alignment technicians can help you to understand the broad array of alignment services. We will ensure that every problem is handled professionally and promptly

Wheel Alignments at Arenas Auto Repair.

Getting your car’s alignment checked at Arenas Auto Repair is so much more than a standard wheel alignment. Our package includes inspecting your steering and suspension system, checking the condition of your tires and air pressure, and adjusting your toe angles using caster and camber, if applicable. With your trust to adjust the alignment in our shop, we ensure that we always are in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Allowing us to align your wheels and tires will do a lot more than just fixing the pull of your vehicle to a straight path. A proper alignment will also ensure more secure handling of your vehicle, will extend the life of your tires, and improve your car’s gas mileage. Arenas Auto Repair is all about helping you get the most out of your truck or car, for as long as you own it. No matter what automotive question you have, no matter how much knowledge you do or don't have, Arenas Auto Repair is always more than happy to answer any questions you might have on your vehicle. We offer proper advice that can help keep your vehicles in good condition for longer.